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Monday, September 13, 2010

Meggy Z

Indonesia Famous

Meggy Z

Meggy Zakaria (Meggy Z). is a legend in World Music Indonesia in general and the World Music Pop particular. Meggy Z pullout on October 21, 2009 the last left a very deep world of work and Dangdut Indonesia lagu2 hits singing.

Indonesian Famous People (Dangdut Singer) - Meggy Z was born August 24, 1945 in Jakarta and dinia Died October 21, 2009 (age 64)in Depok, Indonesia. Began actively singing in 1968 - 2009. Meggy Zakaria (born in Jakarta, 24 AGUSTUS 1945 - died in Depok, West Java, 21Oktober 2009 at age 64 years) is a dangdut singer and actor. It is known publicly as a dangdut singer, otherwise known also as an actor in a soap opera and film silver screen.

Meggy Z berdangdut from 1968, but until the 1980s, his name is not known. Since 1981 it is sharpening its ability to create songs. Name Meggy Z explode after singing the title song created by Obbie Mesakh Better Pain Gigi.Meggy Z died of a heart attack.

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