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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Idris Sardi

Indonesia Famous

Idris Sardi

Idris Sardi (born in Batavia, Dutch East Indies (now Jakarta), June 7, 1938) is a violinist who is very talented and amazing, to date in Indonesia, yet one can match it. He was the son of violinist Studio Orchestra RRI Jakarta, Bp. Sardi.
At the age of six years, first learned about the violin. At the age of ten years he has received warm applause at the first appearance in Yogyakarta in 1949. May be regarded as a child prodigy to fiddle in Indonesia, because at a young age was already nimble playing violin (like Mozart in Europe in the composition).
1952 School of Music Indonesia (SMIND) is opened, the requirements to receive graduate school or equivalent. In 1952, Idris Sardi 14 years old, so he has not graduated from high school, but because the game is amazing he could be accepted as such SMIND students. Together with his friend who was also a violinist, Suyono (deceased), but not a child prodigy, two years older are two very talented students SMIND.
In the orchestra leader slswa SMIND Varvolomejeff Nicolai, 1952 Indris who still wore shorts in the day's sitting as a concert master at the age of 14 years, sat side by side with Suyono. Average SMIND students aged over 16 years.
Idris time violin teacher in Yogyakarta (1952-1954) was George Setet, while in Jakarta at the time (after 1954) is Henri Tordasi. Both teachers have been educating people is a lot of Hungarian violinist in Indonesia (the Hungarians were leading violinist).
When M. Sardi died, in 1953, Idris, in the age of 16 years should replace his father as the first violinist of the orchestra leader RRI Jakarta Studio Saiful Bahri. In the '60s, Idris switch from violin music world seriously, idolisme Heifetz, Helmut Zackarias to commercialization. Had Idris Sardi studied classical Jascha Heifetz or continue with the Jewish Menuhin, then he will become a world-class violinist Heifetz and level with Mehuhin. However, although she has never learned the violin at abroad, he remained on par with Zacharias. Indonesian who studied with Haifetz is Ayke (Liem) Nursalim, who is now in the U.S., and an Indonesian woman who respected violinist (first at age 4 tahun/1955 in Yogyakarta have played in the orchestra, but not a child prodigy like Idris Sardi)

Idris Sardi, Indonesian Famous People

Emilia Contessa

Indonesia Famous

Emilia Contessa

Emilia Contessa born in Banyuwangi, East Java, September 23, 1957. She is Indonesian singer who once dubbed the Lion Stage Asia by Asia Week magazine (1975).
In 1976, Emilia was married to Rio Tambunan, an administration official, and has two children; singer Elizabeth Denada Anggia Ayu and Enrico Wendri familiar rizky diapnggil Rico Tambunan. Different religions marriage ends in divorce. Emil then married to Abdullah Surkaty and blessed with a child, Muhammad Surkaty. The fate of his second marriage the same as before. Emilia then married a widower arab descent man with two children, Ussama Muhammad Al Hadar. From this marriage, Emil got a boy emperor Haggy Hadi al-Hadar.
Born from a pair Susiani Hasan Ali and Anna, Emil, Emilia Contessa so close calls, like singing since childhood. Various attempts were made the mother so that Emil can appear to sing at various events. In 1986, Emil won the overall champion held a pop singer when Surabaya PON VII. The event is also open the way Emil became a professional singer.
Emil who was then still use the name of Hasan Emilia was invited by talent scouts from Philips Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore who asked Emil to records in Singapore in 1970.
One year in Singapore, Emil who was then accompanied by her mother, returned to Indonesia. Emil then introduced the first time through the TV by Chris Pattikawa, who heads entertainment events in TVRI. With a new name Emilia Contessa, Emil went straight uphill. Emil was one of the few female singers of this country which has a soprano voice that is very powerful and loud. Emil also has a performance or stage-act which is difficult rivaled any other singer of his time. Even at that stage he was dubbed the Lion of Asia by Asia Week magazine (1975). Emil is a golden period in the mid-1970s. Emil songs are among other successful "November Wind", "Flamboyant", "Let Alone," "Roses," Jasmine "," Missing "," Orchid Flowers "," Curious "," Destruction "," Wilt Prior to Evolve "," Night Wind "," Could ", and many of the songs of other creations A. Riyanto. until now has produced dozens of albums including the album Ocean Shalawat Islami (2000).
Not only singing, Emil also tried acting. Has starred in dozens of films, among others Wailing Children Stepfather, Mother of Tears Drops, and Dusk at Losari. Emil has also been crowned Queen of Photo Models by Indonesian Journalists Association in 1972 (and indeed that's only once the appointment of Queen Photo Model).
Careers Filmography

* Metropolitan bandit-bandit (1971)
* Arid Land (1971)
* In His Light (1972)
* Rainbow in the Sky Singosari (1972)
* Marriage (1972)
* It will not I let go (1972)
* DISA in the Sin (1973)
* End of a Dream (1973)
* People (1973)
* Women (1973)
* I Want to Live (1974)
* Candidates for Bachelor (1974)
* Select-law (1974)
* Wailing Children Stepfather (1974)
* Cries Stepmom (1974)
* Drops of Tears Mother (1974)
* Benjamin King Lenong (1975)
* Dusk at Losari (1975)
* Memble But anxiety (1986)

* Orphans. (Fontana.6418-028)
* Already tried. (Remaco. RLL-019)
* THE FUTURE. (Pop. 6418-034)
* Bird Cage
* Say
* To Do
* The Cold Night
* Mr. pitter Ketipung
* Dream Sadness
* Sio Mama
* Hitam Manis
* Curious
* Bimbi
* Failure to Love
Main Tali *
* Comforter Heart (duet with Benjamin Sueb)
* Orchid flower (a duet with Broery Marantika)
* The fate of the Nomad (a duet with Broery Marantika)
* Withered Before Evolve (duet with Broery Marantika)
* Ocean Shalawat (2000)

 Emilia Contessa, Indonesian Famous

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bob Tutupoly

Indonesia Famous

Bob Tutupoly

Willem Tutupoly Bobby  or Bob Tutupoly (born in Surabaya, East Java, November 13, 1939) is an Indonesian singer. He began recording in Jakarta in 1965 with Pattie Brothers. Subsequently, he became known with the songs "Not Reinforced Tongue," "No Excuse For you", "High Mountain Millennial Promise", and others.
But he was more interested in singing. Eventually he joined Bill Saragih in the band The Jazz Riders in 1960.
In 1969 he went to the United States and in charge of a restaurant owned by Pertamina in the city of New York. After returning to Indonesia in 1977, he produced the song "Thistle" which became famous. He also guides the quiz show on TVRI.
Bob Tutupoly is the second child of five children, spouse Elisabeth Wilhemmina Tutupolydan Adolf Laurens-Sahusilawane Henket. He was born in William Booth Hospital, Jalan Diponegoro, Surabaya on November 13, 1939. Bob has a brother named Christian Jacobus Tutupoly and three brothers named Alexander Bartjes Tutupoly Hendrika Laurensia Tutupoly and Adolf Tutupoly Jr. (died in 1947, when the struggle to maintain independence in Yogyakarta). His father had served in the Navy since the days of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia and continues to defend the Army when Indonesia proclaimed kemerdekaanya.Bob and his family had moved to Yogyakarta, which at that time became the capital of Indonesia, before finally returning to Surabaya in 1953 and entered primary school at the elementary school bench Pasar Turi. Since childhood, Bob and four brothers are educated with military discipline by the father. Bob's artistic talent was inherited from both parents, his father was a flute player and his mother is a singer in church. Bob Tutupoly melanjutnya in junior secondary Embong Wungu Christian, Catholic high school in Surabaya and the St. Louis, Surabaya. He had his education at the University of Surabaya Economics (FE origin Airlangga University) and Faculty of Economics, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, but both stopped in the middle of the road. Album
Bob penchant Tutupoly would have showed the world singing since childhood and he began to sing to get extra pocket money in her teens. We sat on the bench in high school, Bob invited to join the Quartet Jazz at RRI Surabaya by Didi Pattirane. Didi Patirane Together, Bob also record the songs the Moluccas, like Mande-Mande, Sulie, and Donci Bagici. Recordings were facilitated by state-owned recording company, Lokananta. In those days, Bob was also asked to join Chen Brohers (Bubi Chen, Nico, Jopie Chen, and Frans) to fill the upper class dance. Bob Tutupoly been incorporated within the RIA Bhinneka Band together with Bubi Chen, Loudy Items, Award Seweileh, Marius Diaz, Hasan Alamudin, and Yusmin. The band managed to win the festival bands in Surabaya and a band festival in Jakarta Java. Ria Bhinneka band had played with Trio Los Pancos and record songs bemo Oto, Cpl Jono, etc.. together with Jack Lesmana in 1960. While attending college in Bandung, Bob joined the group led Yongki Cresendo Nusantara, which performed at the hotel, like Hotel Homman and Earth Sangkuriang and several night clubs in Bandung. In 1963, the band The riders asked him to replace their current vocalist, Bill Saragih, who worked in Thailand. With The Riders, Bob can perform at the Super Club Nirvana, the Hotel Indonesia as much as 15 times a month. Bob not only frequently appear at the Hotel Indonesia, but also in TVRI and other places who invited him. Tanamal lightly, Panca Tone Band leader, invited Bob to record Christmas songs with the brothers in Remaco Pattie. Subsequently, Bob was starting to record various songs such as Mount Thousand Promises, Not Maybe forgot, No Excuse For you, and Batu Nisan. He does not just appear inside the country but also in Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. In 1966-1969, he earned the title as the Armed Forces Press Beloved singers. In addition, he was also awarded the golden records (gold disc) due to the sale of black discs sold in the market. In 1969, Bob moved to the United States Tutupoly top Venturas bid from group (a group containing the people of Indonesia and is headquartered in Los Angeles), who promised to find a producer and doing a recording in the country. Unfortunately both of these did not materialize and Bob even worked part time at Yamaha's Buena Park and join The Midnighters to sing in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Bob was finally moved to Las Vegas to sing in nightclubs and casinos that were there. There, she has recorded several songs such as Hello and Bye-Bye LA Birmingham that are not circulated. In this city also, he met with Haryono, Director of Pelita (a subsidiary of Pertamina), which gives him the opportunity to become a public relations and singer in Restaurant Ramayana. The restaurant was an Indonesian restaurant that didirika by Pertamina in New York and serves as the Indonesian tourism promotion agencies [5]. Bob also served as leader until the end of the restaurant know in 1976, he returned to Indonesia and the track record of creation Slamet Aryadi Thistle. In 1978, Bob and Grace Simon was chosen to be the exchange of artists representative of Indonesia in ASEAN. He also became the first winner in the Popular Song Festival in 1980 and represent Indonesia in the International Festival in slavery Hall, Japan. Several albums have been recorded by Bob is

* The Best Song Of Bob Tutupoly Thistle
* Album Nostalgia 2
* Album Cinta Nostalgia 2
* Indonesian Pop Song Memories Vol 6 "Longing"
Since young, Bob Tutupoly have known through various events such as quiz dipandunya Enchantment of 13 (over 1.5 years), alternating (for 2 years), and Variety charm (as long as five years). Indonesian celebrities who have been guests at events Sueb Bob Benjamin, Chintami Atmanagara, Henny Purwonegoro, Meriam Bellina, Iis Sugianto, Neno Warisman, and others. At his age that are no longer young, Bob had hosted Tembang Memories in Indosiar for several years. Filmography
Besides working in the field of singing, Bob Tutupoly also never played in a number of Indonesian films. Some movie ever starring Bob Tutupoly is Innamorati Della GLI Daw (the Tailor Daw Love) (1958), Curious (1977), and side Eye (2008). GLI Innamorati Della Daw is a film that worked by the Italians and in this film, acting together Indriati Bob Isaac and The Baby Dolls (Baby Huwae, Gaby Mambo, and Lintje Tambayong or better known as Rima Melati). Other Activities
In addition to the active singing, Bob Tutupoly also often a cultural ambassador in charge of bringing the arts of Indonesia in the Asian and even international stage. Bob also had to bring the arts troupe Maluku "Student Five" go the stage to several cities in the Netherlands in 1985 and 1988. He often exercise by playing golf, volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Bob Tutupoly also been named business establishment Main Page Thistle and Thistle Promotion, and also has a partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Transmigration and the Ministry of Forestry. A Tutupoly Bob also served as General Chairman of the Social Organization of Large Families Children's Religious Affairs. Together with the Bubi Chen, lightly Tanamal, Bob Tutupoli, John Reny Rehatta, Chris Manusama and Zeth Lekatompessy, Bob never won award. Tutupoly Family
While serving as public relations at the Hospitality Ramayana (NY), Bob met an Indonesian dancer named Rosmayasuti Nasution (Yosie) which was performed at the venue. Bob Tutupoly apply for his wife in 1972. His wife is a None Jakarta 1972. On April 15, 1977, Bob and Yosie officially became husband and wife in the face of civil officers. Wedding was attended by Adnan quoted as a witness to the family and Leo Lopusila Yosie as the witness for Bob. Previously they had to undergo trial for nine months due to differences in their faith. Their only daughter was born in Jakarta on January 29, 1978 and named Sasha Karina Tutupoly.

Bob Tutupoly, Singer, Indonesian Famous

Koes Hendratmo

Indonesia Famous

Koes Hendratmo

Born in Kediri, East Java on February 9, 1943, young Koes Hendratmo celebarated his passion for singing with a local band named 'Riang Ria' in Yogyakarta, Central Java at the tender age of 15. He contended with bands all over Java Island and entered numerous competitions chorusing hits of international music legends namely Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, Andy Williams, Matt Monroe and Indonesian pop icons Rahmat Kartolo and Onny Suryono.

In 1964, teenage Koes braved the journey by rail from Yogyakarta to Jakarta when he discovered his talent for singing was up for more excitement and challenges. Koes later joined Jakarta band 'Dharma Putra Kostrad' in 1967 and became the lead vocalist. In the same year Koes released his first record entitled 'Lambaian Bunga' under the label Elshinta Records. In 1968 his second record released by Ramayana Records was entitled 'Wanita Wanita Wanita - Koes Hendratmo Pop Indonesia Vol.1'.

Over four decades this stylish well-renowned singer has experienced the rise and fall of stardom. Since Koes kick started his debut with his vocal talent, he was eventually offered countless gigs and movie roles. Koes simultaneously paved his career path by singing and acting when he took up his first film role as a Singer in a movie entiltled "The Big Village" in 1969. In the late 1970s, together with his mentor and close friend Kris Biantoro, Koes starred in yet another movie entiltled "Magelang Kembali" as a soldier. The movie portrayed the struggle to retain Magelang from the Dutch Colonizers.

The career path seems fruitful for Koes throughout the years following his movie roles, nevertheless singing was his passion. Koes was also gifted to impersonate many voices of famous singers including Engelbert Humeperdink, Tom Jones, Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis, Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley and Mario Lanza. Between 1970 - 1980, Koes felt that his singing career had taken flight to a whole new level. Koes journeyed throughout the Indonesian archipelago, performing in countless events. From then on, many have booked him for overseas performances all over Asia, The Middle East and Europe.

Koes Hendratmo since then has ruled the music industry as well as set a deep footprint in the world of Master of Ceremonies. He would conduct and host functions throughout the archipelago may it be for wedding receptions, product launches, birthday celebrations and musical TV shows. Until in 1986 Koes was summoned by senior Indonesian "Queen" of Quizes, Ani Sumadi to take part as host of one her newly created quiz shows called BERPACU DALAM MELODI. The show was a phenomenon and at the same time propelled Koes Hendratmo's name as one of Indonesia's most popular and highly paid MC. The quiz show which showcased various trivia questions from music notes to song synopsis, tests the intelligence of participants on their knowledge of music. Participants ranged from public figures, artists to professionals.

BERPACU DALAM MELODI eventually became a household show and lasted 18 years when aired on state-owned TVRI. The journey of Koes Hendratmo continues on during the years as he signs contracts as advertisements icon for toothpaste Ciptadent and energy drink Hemaviton. In his leisure time, Koes keeps up his stamina by playing tennis and golf. Later in 2000, Koes signed a new deal with one of Indonesia's Top Rated Private TV Stations, INDOSIAR where he became host of one of the most popular variety shows, PESTA (Pentas Sejuta Aksi). The program aired for almost 2 years.
In 2002, METRO TV, Indonesia's News Channel bought the rights to air 'BERPACU DALAM MELODI' and 'PELANGI KATULISTIWA'. The latter was a talk show and entertainment program featuring public figures from all over the country including Regents and Mayors discussing the developments of their respective regencies and towns, in en effort to bolster stronger ties amongst vicinities.

Koes Hendratmo is also a father of three children, Hendra Perdana or popularly known as Anda, Bonita and Candisa - the first two followed Koes' footsteps as singers. Now, Koes enjoys his life with his spouse who shares the same passion in MC, Aprilia Soebroto, former TVRI reporter/news anchor and CNA Singapore's Talk Show Host.

The couple shortly started a new business in Event Organizing called KHAS (Koes Hendartmo-Aprilia Soebroto) Productions, catering for functions and receptions such as Weddings and Birthday Parties, Product launches and others. Two years later they materialized their passion as Singing and MC instructors through an entity called "Koes Hendratmo Singing Clinic & MC" where both of them teach professionals and hobbyists to perfect their singing talent and MC skills.

Koes Hendratmo, Indonesian Famous

Martha Tilaar

Indonesia Famous

Martha Tilaar

Martha Tilaar was a successful woman entrepreneur who studied business in the field of cosmetic and traditional herbal medicine with Sariayu trademark. Women born in Kebumen, Central Java, 4 September 1937, also many events mengelar Thilaar festival with the name Martha.
HAR Tilaar He married and had four children, Bryan Emil Tilaar, Pinkan Tilaar, Wulan Tilaar, Kilala Tilaar. Working together with Kalbe Farma, he makes the company's cosmetics and herbal Martina Berto.
He also has a handicraft business in Sentolo, Yogyakarta named Prama Pratiwi Martha Gallery.

Dr. Martha Tilaar is the founder and president of Indonesia’s foremost cosmetic company group and world-renowned expert on traditional jamu (a drink believed to preserve health) and herbal mixes. Her name and her products are well known and respected throughout Indonesia, as she is often referred to as the “Mother of Indonesia’s natural cosmetic”. Dr. Tilaar obtained her college education from the University of Indonesia and pursued higher studies at the Academy of Beauty Culture, USA.
She has been in the cosmetic industry for thirty years, during which time she has received several International awards such as Doctoral Honoris Causa Degree in Fashion Artistry from World University, USA and Leading Lady Enterpreneur in Monaco. Dr. Tilaar’s cosmetic business is now a multi million-dollar operation with salons and spas developing throughout Indonesia and abroad (including the US).
Dr. Tilaar is also leading her industry in wellness practices, personal responsibility and environmental “green” issues. In 2000, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan, invited Dr. Tilaar to become one of the founding members of the United Nations Global Compact, which asks companies to embrace, support and enact within their sphere of influence, a set of core values in the area of human rights, labor standards, the environment conservation, and anti-corruption.
  • Integrating the socially and environmentally responsible manner in business activities and blending Indonesian medicinal plants, the eastern beauty, rich culture and environmental preservation into their mission.
  • >
  • Incorporating a “win-win” collaboration with global and local suppliers, as well as Indonesian farmers, to achieve sustainable business, and regularly promote and raise the community’s concern on green environmental conservation.
  • Their mission of preserving the environment, which was implemented through achieving international quality certificates in 1998 and Good Manufacturing Practices in cosmetic and herbal products in 2000, both as the first cosmetic and herbal company in ASEAN countries, and international environmental certificate of in 2000 by implementing green production principle.
THE MARTHA TILAAR FOUNDATION is a nonprofit organization, which was established by Dr. Tilaar and her family to provide:
  • environmental and cultural stewardship;
  • poverty alleviation of rural communities;
  • women empowerment and wellness.
The Martha Tilaar Foundation supports and strengthens environmental education programs to engage multi-stakeholders in caring for their natural environmental education programs such as:
  • organic farming environmental awareness program;
  • book publications of environmental preservation actions;
  • cultural conservation using green materials, such as education in batik painting with natural dies; and
  • promotion and development green handicrafts/food/herbs.
The Foundation also focuses on women empowerment and increase the family wellness programs, especially to:
  • gain income generation, especially in rural areas
  • increase knowledge and skills in self-health care
  • enhance the role of women for a better quality of life
Since 1995, the Martha Tilaar Foundation has given Scholarship for Smart Children to children of Martha Tilaar Group employees to improve their future. Scholarships are given to children in all grades, from elementary school to college.
  • The orchid of Coelogyne Marthae was named after Dr. Tilaar to thank her for the realization of the Martha Tilaar Chair at the Universiteit Leiden in 2000. The chair responsibilities include the development of an Ethnobotanical Knowledge System with special attention on medicinal plants in developing countries, contributing to the progress of indigenous knowledge and playing a role in increasing the prosperity of human beings.
  • The Martha Tilaar Eastern Rejuvenating Spa received awards in 2005 for the best innovation that merged the main the indigenous Eastern cultures of Indonesian jamu, Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic into unique spa treatments. The innovative product creation is now globalized in several European and Asian countries.
  • In November 10, 2006, Indonesia’s Hero Day, Puri Agung Singaraja Bali awarded Special Appreciation to Dr. Tilaar for her dedication in social activities, cultural preservation, and women education.
  • She received the Social Solidarity Award in December 2006 for her lavish social programs, especially for invalid blind children and Indonesian women’s interest education.
  • Dr. Tilaar has also written and published several books; the latest is entitled Leadership Quotient Perempuan Pemimpin Indonesia. 
Martha Tilaar, Biography, Indonesian Famous

    Rhoma Irama

    Indonesia Famous

    Rhoma Irama

    Raden Haji Oma Irama Rhoma Irama or shortened by the epithet King of Dangdut, born on December 11, 1946 in Tasikmalaya, West Java. Raden because he holds at his parents' blood flowing royal / aristocratic. He is the second son of twelve children, namely eight brothers and four sisters (eight siblings, two brothers sons of my mother and two brothers congenital stepfather).

    His father, Raden Burdah Anggawirya is a former guerrilla commander at the time of independence Garuda White. He gave the name 'Rhythm' because of sympathy for the home theater group called the Rhythm of New Jakarta who had been invited to entertain troops in Tasikmalaya. He is very good at playing musical instruments and sing songs Cianjuran. While his mother named Tuti this she was, she too is a clever gentility and also in singing, like the song No Other Love Rhoma often heard as a child.

    Before living in Tasikmalaya, his family lived in Jakarta and in this city, his brother Benny was born Muharram. While Rhoma born in Tasikmalaya some time after moving to the city. After birth Rhoma, also born younger siblings, like Handi and Ance. After that, they moved back to Jakarta and stayed at Cicarawa Road, Bukit Duri, then moved to Bukit Duri ascent. In the city where they spent their teenage years until 1971, then moved to Tebet.

    Rhoma've seen little since his artistic talent. Stop crying every time his mother, Tuti this she was humming the songs. Sign in zero grade he had begun to love the song. Her interest in the bigger song when he attended elementary school. Stepped on second grade elementary school he was able to bring the songs with a good western and Indian. He likes to sing the song No Other Love, and her mother's favorite song felt Bilye Buchariajaya Mangeshkar sung by Latta. He also enjoyed the Middle Eastern songs sung by Umm Kaltsum.

    Musical talent probably came from his father's eloquent playing flute and singing songs Cianjuran, a typical Sundanese arts. In addition, his uncle, Arifin Double often taught Japanese songs when Rhoma still small.

    Because age is not much different Rhoma with her sister, they always go together-compact and a pair. Unlike his brother who are lazy to follow instruction in the mosque or at home kyai, Rhoma always follow the recitation with diligence. Every time a father and his mother asked if her sister go assesses, Rhoma always answer 'yes. Went to school, they always go together with the tandem bicycle. Both elementary school in Kibono, Manggarai.

    When the elementary school, singing talent Rhoma increasingly visible. Rhoma is the most diligent students when asked to come forward to singing class. Uniquely, Rhoma not the same as other students who are often embarrassed in front of the class. Rhoma sing loudly to be heard in other classes. Attention students greater because Rhoma not singing children's songs as well as the national anthem, but the songs of India.

    His talent as a singer get attention from senior singers, Bing Slamet Rhoma impressed by her appearance when the show singing western songs at her school party. One day, while sitting in class Rhoma 4, Bing Slamet him perform in a show at the House SBKA (Railway Workers' Union) in Manggarai. This is a valuable experience for Rhoma.

    Since then, although not thought to be a singer Rhoma no longer an integral part of the music. On one's own account he was learning to play guitar to advanced. Because so fond of crazy with the guitar, Rhoma often made her mother furious. Every time he came home from school the first one is looking for a guitar. Similarly, when every time he left the house almost always bring a guitar. Once her mother told Rhoma keep his younger brother, but Rhoma prefer to play the guitar. Effect of act, the mother snatched his guitar and threw him to the guava tree to burst. Rhoma sad incident because it makes the guitar is number one for her friend.

    Subsequent developments in the study of music he began to realize that although his father and mother pairs blooded aristocrat who likes music, but they still think that the world of music is not something to be proud of or used as a profession. His mother often shouted 'noisy' every time he sings and thinks, that will hamper their school musical. This fact makes musical talent Rhoma growing outside the house because if at home he gets less support.

    Rhoma At grade 5 elementary school in 1958 his father died. The father left eight children, namely: Benny, Rhoma, Handi, Ance, Dedi, Eni, Herry and Yayang. Then, her mother married a military officer, Raden Wijaya Soma surviving family relationships and also bloody aristocrat. Her stepfather was carrying two children from his wife who had married the mother and after Rhoma had two more children.

    When his biological father is still living at home feudal atmosphere. Everyday language is the language of his father and his mother Dutch. Everything must be completely organized and use certain manners. The maid had to call the children as 'Den' (raden). Children must sleep and eat lunch together. His father also did not hesitate to punish them with beatings if deemed made mistakes, such as rain or skipped school to play.

    Rhoma family circumstances at the time it was Tevet is quite rich when compared to the surrounding community. Her house is dressed up and has some cars, like, a car brand of Impala, a car belonging to a luxury at that time. Rhoma also always dressed nice and expensive.

    However, feudal atmosphere does not exist anymore after her stepfather's presence in the midst of their families. In fact, thanks to his stepfather and his uncle is Rhoma getting 'wind' to distribute his music talent. Gradually, his stepfather bought musical instruments such as acoustic, guitar, bongo, and so forth.

    Rhoma world in childhood apparently not just in the music world. Rhoma also frequent fist fights with other children. Circle when it was classified as hard. The children then tend to cluster in a gang and one gang to another gang or at least not hostile to each other in competition with each other. Thus, inter-gang fights are often unavoidable.

    Bukitduri, place of residence almost every village in the area there are gangs (youth group). In there Bukitduri BBC (Bukitduri Boys Club), at no Kenari Kenari Boys, Cobra Boys, and so forth. Many young people from Bukitduri Puteran and from Manggarai who joined the Gang of Cobra. The gangs are hostile to each other so that the noise always occurs almost every one of them met.

    One thing is quite prominent in the self Rhoma is, that his friends were almost always make it as a leader. Of course, when his gang clashed with another gang, Rhoma is expected to appear in front to fight. Although never winning a few times too often experienced Rhoma battered quite badly because of cuts even 15 children in the area mobbed Megaria.

    When she entered junior high places increasingly prevalent practice martial arts. But, for Rhoma martial arts is not a foreign national because since childhood he has been able to practice from his father and several other teachers. Rhoma Cingkrik never learn martial arts (silat Betawi and Cimande alloy) to Pak Rohimin in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. Rhoma also studied martial arts in the street Sigundel Gutters, besides several other martial arts. When a fight broke out between gang members trying on each other martial arts that they have learned.

    Because of that, then Rhoma several times had to live with embarrassment class so he will often switch schools. Class 3 Junior High had fro in Medan, North Sumatra when he deposited in his uncle's house. But, not long later, he moved back to Junior High School Jakarta XV.

    Rhoma delinquency continues until high school. At school in SMA VIII Jakarta, he never ran away from the classroom through the window because he wanted to play music with his friends who was waiting outside. Kegandrungannya on music and fights in and outside of school makes it often in and out of high school. In addition to SMA VIII Jakarta, he also never registered as a student in high school PSKD Jakarta, SMA St. Joseph Solo and he finally settled in the High School August 17 Tebet, Jakarta, not far from his home.

    During high school in Solo Rhoma been through periods of very bitter. He was forced into a busker on the streets of Solo. There, he was accommodated in the house of a busker named Mas Gito. Actually, before being dumped in Solo, he intends to study in boarding schools Ireng Cane, Jombang, East Java. However, because they do not buy a ticket Rhoma, Benny (her sister) and three of her friends, Daeng, Umar and Haris have to play cat and mouse with the conductor during the journey. Rather than continue to anxiously for fear of discovery and revealed a quiet place, they finally picked off at Tugu Station, Yogyakarta. From Yogya they boarded the train back to Solo.

    When the Solo Rhoma continue their education in high school St. Joseph. School fees obtained from ngamen and sell a few pieces of clothing brought from Jakarta. But because the school did not pass in Solo, Rhoma must go home to Jakarta and continue their education in high school graduation until August 17 1964. Later, he studied at the Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of August 17. But, it only lasted one year because of her interest in world music so great.

    Pop and rock music is the first step as a musician and singer Rhoma. As narrated brother, Benny Muharram, that could Rhoma Malays are reluctant to record a song offered by Dick Tamimi from the record company Dimita Moulding Company in 1967, although earlier he had often sing along with a number of orchestras wither.

    Besides being a singer and Indraprasta Candraleka Melayu Orchestra, sang a voice with the Rhoma Tornado Band Rhythm and Melody Varia. Together with the Rhoma bands brought western pop songs and singing while imitating exactly the sound through a Paul Anka song called Diana or the Put Your Head On My Shoulder, and songs such as Andy Williams, Butterfly, Moon River, as well as Tom Jones, Green- Green Grass of Home, Dellilah.

    Are already struggling with the Rhoma pop music since I was in high school. Together with his school friends he had time to form a band Gayhand. When the music Rock n 'Roll hit Indonesia, it turns out it makes Rhoma awe in his heart he was determined to "Elvis just might become a king with his guitar, I also can".

    But once inside the world of music, carried on the current Rhoma. By imitating singing style Benyamis S. and Ida Royani, Muchsin Alatas and Titiek Shandora that are popular, with the Rhoma not mind diduetkan Inneke Kusumawati by Amin Metropolitan Widjaya from record companies and the Canary Records. With a band led Zaenal Combo Zaenal Arifin, Rhoma and Inneke recordings in a number of songs like, beloved hearts, In House Only, Flowers and Butterflies, Please Yourself, lovelorn, Do the Near-close, son of Five, The Oteh, Bell Rings, Jasmine at the Dry Season and Blind Love. According to Zakaria, the head of the Youth Orchestra Transmit one of his songs, his son Lima, sung this duet. The emergence of pair-Inneke Rhoma managed to shake the popularity Muchsin Alatas and Titiek Sandora.

    Seeing his success with Inneke duet, then a duet with the Rhoma Zakaria suggests Wiwiek Abidin to follow the singing competition in Singapore in 1971, and duo-Wiwiek Rhoma succeeded in becoming the champion.

    On Stage Fun Day Radio show to the RRI building on page 26 Jln. Merdeka Barat, January 19, 1971, even including the recent, duet-Inneke Rhoma the center of attention among other duet singers, such as, Elly Kasim-Tiar Ramon, Vivi-Frans Sumanti Doromez-Benjamin and Ida Royani Sueb. Rhoma-Inneke duet is also accompanied by the band leader Jopie Item Galaxi when recording. With the grip of rock music, Jopie accompany accompany herself with the Rhoma shriek and scream and then abandoned it after establishing Soneta Group on October 13, 1970.

    Rhoma association with rock and pop music also bringing with leaders of the band Girls Beach woman named Veronica Agustina Timbuleng and then married her in 1972. The couple has three children, namely Debbie Veramasari, Fikri Zulfikar and Romy Syahrial.

    Flows could also bring the music industry and Vero bertrio with the Rhoma Debbie followed the success with the song Heli Chicha and Yoan with the song The Frog in the year 1976. However, after leading his own group, the slogan Soneta Group Voice of the Moslem (Muslim Voice), Rhoma precisely into the flow by injecting itself into the rock music dangdutnya first album entitled 'stay up', which contains the songs stayed up late, Deliberately , Until Morning, Tung keripit, First Love, plebeian, O Le Le, not the heart and Cold Snow. As a result, Rhoma lighting pros and cons. Community dangdut many objections, in the opinion received by a cynical rock musician. In the end a discussion titled "About Hard Rock and Dangdut Music" at Gedung Merdeka, Bandung in late June 1976, with the Maman S. of topical magazine as an organizer, and presents the speaker Dr. Sudjoko from ITB, Remy Silado, Benny Subarja and Denny Sabri as Rhoma representatives were not present. Ahmad Albar and Harry Roesli who were invited did not also did not appear. Rhoma experiment that should be paid serious attention precisely to be a prank to arise ridicule, like, shit compared to dogs and steak do gado-gado. God Bless and rock group reunited in Istora Soneta, on December 22, 1977 with the intention of seeing which is more severe, or dangdut rock. In fact, before the gig Rhoma releasing white doves as a sign of peace.
    As the discussion, a show at Istora also do not provide a concrete solution. Rock band still running as usual, while it continued to waver with the Rhoma dangdut rocknya increasingly grounded until sampi community-dubbed 'King of Dangdut'. Album recording the increasingly 'ngerock' flow without irresistible, even though the New Order government to forbid political reasons appear in the only television station at that time, TVRI. It is an impact on the satirical songs of government, as in the song Rights. On the song with the Rhoma brave talk about human rights, freedom of speech, religion, work and so forth. Current record albums into the music industry to turn the wheel faster and faster. After the album became very popular late night, following the subsequent albums, such as Curious (1976), Indonesia Rupiah (1976), Young Blood (1977), Music (1977), 135 Million (1978), Relax (1979), Rights ( 1980), staying II (1981), Friend (1982), to Indonesia (1983), which are all produced by Yukawi Corporation. The label is then transformed into Soneta Records, owned by Rhoma.

    Step strapping more stable with the Rhoma starred in several films, such as Curious Oma Irama (1976), The Old Guitar Oma Irama (1977), Oma Irama Wandering I (1978), Oma Irama Wandering II (1978), stay up (1978), King of Dangdut (1978), Love Triangle (1979), Camelia (1979), Struggle and Prayer (1980), Melody Love Rhoma Irama (1980), Storm in the Beginning of Joy (1981), Satria Bergitar (1984), Love Twins (1984), Devotion (1985), Love in the sky glow orange (1985), Reaching the Sun I (1986), Reaching the Sun II (1986), Nada-nada Rindu (1987), Flower Village (1988), Jaka Swara (1990), and Tone Dawah (1991), and The Blue Veil (1994), to continue with the publication of a best-selling soundtrack. In the movie Young Blood, Rhoma even took Ucok Aka Harahap of the rock group ever to fight with Soneta Group on stage. Dangdut rock music and the fight is also a core story of this film.

    Based on sales data tapes and the number of spectators who starred in the films, fans Rhoma no less than 15 million or 10% of Indonesian population. It records up to mid 1984. "There are no recent art that has such a broad scope," wrote the magazine Tempo on June 30, 1984. Rhoma own meanwhile said, "I fear the publication, it turns out, I was dragged away."

    Data PT Perfin mention, almost all movies Rhoma behavior. In fact, before a film has been processed people already bought it, like a movie called Satria Bergitar example. The film that was made at a cost of USD 750 million, while not yet finalized already obtained a USD 400 million brokers. According to his brother, Benny, who is also the producer PT Rhoma Film, Rhoma never eats money from the film, but from the sale of cassettes. Money donated to the film, among others, mosques, orphanages, youth activities and improvement of the village. In fact, in 1983 Rhoma pay zakat amounted to USD 6 million.

    However, if it is associated with the acquisition of material, it can be said as a musician Rhoma richest in the country. Imagine, before other musicians Mercy drive, he already enjoyed the comfort of a luxury car since the 70s. This is indicated when reading this interview with The Jakarta Post, Rhoma be humble when states have enough money but not much. It makes sense, considering sejeblok-jebloknya Rhoma Irama cassette on the market, will be sold until at least 400 thousand copies per album. This is getting ridiculous when compared with dangdut musicians outside the excessive pride that often even though the tape is only sold no more than one hundred thousand copies.

    Perhaps until now has not been replaced Rhoma triumph. If there used to be called The Big Five for the 'Star Mahal', like, Roby Sugara, Roy Marten and Yati Ocktavia, then at the same time the actual value of the contract Rhoma remain far above them. In fact, many filmmakers are willing to wait their turn until three years only to be contracted Rhoma.

    In addition, Rhoma also counted as one of the most successful entertainers in the mass gathering. Rhoma not just appear in the country, but he has also appeared in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam with nearly the same number of viewers when he performed in Indonesia. Some Indonesian media reported that, spectators Rhoma in many regions there is an accident due to faint or too crowded. It is very regrettable Rhoma own. "To get entertainment, why should not fall victim of that?" He said.

    Rhoma states, that he made many reference materials research. There are about seven theses about himself and his music have been produced. In addition, foreign researchers are also often makes it an object of research, one of whom was William H. Frederick, Doctor of Sociology, University of Ohio, the United States in 1985 with the title; Rhoma Irama and the Dangdut Style: Aspect of Contemporary Indonesian Popular Culture, which examines the strength of the popularity and influence on society Rhoma Irama. He mentions in his thesis, that: "Rhoma Irama is revolutionary in the world of Indonesian music. Almost certainly, in Indonesia, Rhoma Irama is the most topnotch entertainer. Since the giant meetings during the Guided Democracy, the event stage most of the masses is a stage flooded with Rhoma Irama. " Furthermore, he says, "When in the world of American music is very influential figure of Mick Jagger, in Indonesia, the comparative figures are commensurate with the Rhoma Irama figures. These two are both geniuses and a self-taught. Both are capable of performing to the top musical talents for the strength of great natural wonders. "

    In late April 1994 Rhoma Irama signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Life Record Tanaka of Japan in Tokyo. A total of 200 units will be recorded into the song titles in English and Japanese, for release in the International market. The plan of the songs created in the form of laser discs (LD) and a compact disc (CD).

    They are described as kings and queens who are both having the kingdom. The atmosphere is getting thicker and legitimately with the presence of MURI (Indonesian Record Museum-ed.) That enter and Elvy Rhoma as king and queen of dangdut Indonesia. Though late, certainly quite entertaining. You see, long before that, in the year 1985, Asia Week magazine has put Rhoma Irama as the king of Southeast Asian music. 

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