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Saturday, September 4, 2010

AA Navis

Indonesia Famous

AA Navis

Indonesian Famous People - AA Navis (author) is one of the leading writers and cultural observers in Indonesia. Haji Ali Akbar Navis, better known by the name of AA Navis, which in literary circles as the head of the title of pride. Degree that better reflect the strength of satirists do not want to be defeated from outside the system itself. Literary figures became a symbol of energy that makes writing as a tool in life. Authors 'Robohnya Surau Kami' and master the various arts such as art and music, it died at the age of almost 79 years, at around 05:00, Saturday, March 22, 2003, at Yos Sudarso Hospital, Padang. Indonesia lost a phenomenal writer.
The scoffers birth Kampong Java (Kampuang Jawa), Padangpanjang, November 17, 1924, this is one of the characters who speak out frankly, what it is. Social criticism flowed as it is to awaken awareness of each person to make life more meaningful. He always says that black is black and white is white. He was very anxious to see this land encroached on the kopruptor. And on one occasion he said that although the writing is the main tool in life but if given the vote so he will choose to arrest the corrupt rulers. Although he knew the risks, probably within three months, he will first precisely shot and killed by the criminals that.
Now, he has gone. Indonesian literary world lost one great man of letters. He left one person Aksari Yasin's wife had married in 1957 and seven children namely Dini Akbari, Lusi Bebasari, Dedi Andika, Lenggogini, Gemala Ranti, Rinto Amanda, and Rika Anggraini and some 13 grandchildren. He was buried in General Cemetery Park (TPU) stumps Black, Padang.
Gemala Ranti, to the People of Indonesia correspondent says this great man of letters has long suffered from heart complications, asthma and diabetes. Two days before he died, he still asks his daughter to reply to a letter to congressional culture in Padang that could not join the Congress in Bali in May. And ask for replies sent a letter last willing to print stories to the Balai Pustaka.
Before buried a number of figures, cultural, artists, officials, academics and the general public, the funeral to the funeral home in Jalan Jícama Number 5, Padang. Among the Central Board of Muhammadiyah Chairman Syafii Maarif A, West Sumatra Governor Zainal Bakar, former Religious Affairs Minister Tarmizi Taher, and former Governor of West Sumatra and the poet Hasan Basri Durin Rusli Marzuki Sariah.
Minang man's name to the famous do not have to wander physically, this towering in Indonesian literature since the phenomenal fall short stories surau We selected as one of the three best short stories in literary magazines in 1955. A short story which was considered very daring. The story is overturn common sense about how a pious precisely inserted into hell. Because with kealimannya, that person should leave the work world so that remains poor.
He is an artist perspective of thinking far ahead. His work surau We fall, also reflects this thinking perspective. The collapse was not in a physical sense, but good value. It is happening right now in this country. He's great cultural figures, creative, productive, consistent and honest with himself.
Throughout his life, he has produced a number of monumental works in the sphere of culture and the arts. He even has been a teacher for bamyak writers. He is an intellectual writer who has many ideas submitted in the national and international stage. He wrote a lot of things. Although the most widely sastralah work they do. His work has been hundreds, ranging from short stories, novels, poetry, children's stories, radio plays, essays on social and cultural issues, until the writing of autobiographies and biographies.
He who claims to start writing since 1950, but the results of new work received the attention of the leadership of the print media around 1955, it has produced as many as 65 works of literature in various forms. He has written 22 books, plus five other literary anthology with foreign countries and eight anthologies and written 106 papers for various academic activities within and outside the country and compiled in the book 'The Walk Along the Way'. Her latest novel, Saraswati, published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama in 2002.
Some of his works are very famous, in addition to its Robohnya Surau Kami (1955) Bianglala (1963), Hujan Panas (1964); Kemarau (1967), Saraswati, si Gadis Dalam Sunyi, (1970), Dermaga dengan Empat Sekoci, (1975), Di Lintasan Mendung (1983), Dialektikal Minangkabau (editors 1983), Alam Terkembang Jadi Guru (1984), Hujan Panas dan Kabut Musim (1990), Cerita Rakyat Sumbar (1994), and Jodoh (1998).
He is a writer who never feel old. At the age of aging he still writes. His latest book, titled SOUL MATES, published by Grasindo, Jakarta in cooperation masterpiece IKAPI Foundation and The Ford Foundation, as a birthday present when she was even 75 years. Aging short story writer from Padang, A.A. Navis on November 17 and even 75-year-old. Mate contains ten short stories that he wrote himself, namely love match (the first short story contest winner Kincie Emas Radio Netherlands Wereldemroep 1975), Cerita 3 Malam, Kisah Seorang Hero, China Buta, Perebutan, Kawin (short stories, winner of Femina magazine in 1979), Kisah Seorang Pengantin, Maria, Nora dan Ibu. There is written in the 1990s there was written in the 1950s.
Yet writing is not an easy job, but it requires serious thought and relaxing energy. "Not all the ideas and ideas can be implemented in a post, and even sometimes take 20 years to give birth to a post. Nevertheless, there is also an inscription that can be completed within one day. However, it must be carried out diligently without despair. I never felt old in the writing of all things, including short stories, "he said in a discussion in Jakarta, two years ago.
Ways of writing it, he argues, is a writing activity was continuing, because the writing itself should be a habit and needs in life. He himself had continued to write, throughout life, until old age. Why? "You see, my weapon is only writing," he said. For her writing is one tool in his life. "Writing is a tool, not also the principal tool to spark my ideology. So when a mood of writing novels, writing novels. There's the mood to write short stories, yes write short stories, "he said as quoted by Kompas. Sunday, December 7, 1997.
In each article, he argued, problems that become the subject of discussion should be presented with interesting language and selective choice of words, so readers interested in reading it. In addition, the issue is no less important to a writer is that writers and readers have the knowledge that is no different. So readers or prospective readers who are the target of the author, not the ignorant group.
He also spoke about the good works of literature. The important thing for a man of letters, he says, his work durable or not? There is good work, but like a train; through it. That's a lot and everywhere happen. He himself claimed to write with one vision. He is not looking for fame.
In this context, he was very concerned about the current national education. From elementary school to college can only accept people, not teach people suggested thinking. Children are not taught good writing because it opens your mind to write. Children are not taught to read because reading it gives kids comparisons. In college people are not good at reading, people are not good at writing, so going against generations of duping a result of the power.
Thus, he argues, literary or educational model in Indonesia now is authored or duping strategy, so people are not critical. Thus, he hoped, this duping strategy must fight, must be repaired. "But I think it's stupidity. Indonesian people have no strategy. Indonesia's economic strategy is what? Indonesia's political strategy of what? Indonesia's education strategy of what? Indonesia's cultural strategy of what? What would become of our nation? We have no strategy. Therefore, we ask them not stupid anymore, "he said.
So, if he had the opportunity to be a minister, he will enable literature. "Now what the function of literature?" She asked quietly. The lesson of literature is the lesson of critical thinking. People think critically and understand the concepts of life. We read, whichever works better, it means telling people think doing very well. Then it works the concept of evil versus evil. In the literature it can happen that evil won, but not the meaning of literature devoted to the evil. Many works of literature in Indonesia told things hypocrites. Taught to the children about the hypocrites in our communities that many hypocrites. Children are not so sharp. Therefore, the government apparently did not teach literature so that people do not see people who are hypocrites, for instance.
This could not be separated from the corrupt mentality of the elites of this nation. So if he was given a choice of power tools, or writing and speaking, which he chose is power. For what? To brush all corrupt. Although he realized that maybe this is precisely the person he shot first. Because, "everyone does not like people who brush corruptor," he said as pessimistic about the power of the pen to combat corruption.
He also saw the development of literature in Indonesia again stalled. Once the author that, when sitting in junior high and high school have become authors. Now there are many authors of birth. Once too much, just 80 million inhabitants at that time and now 200 million. I do not think there is now a monumental work of the author, which a lot of strange indeed.
Subject Minang people, himself, he says if there's too much to say that Minang people stingy. Correct, calculating. He said it was not exactly say that Minang people sly. Gaul proper (loose), like the proverbial Tahimpik nak di ateh, takuruang nak di lua (terhimpit wants above, caged wants out). AA Navis That the Head of pride.

A.A. Navis, Indonesian Famous People

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