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Friday, September 17, 2010


Indonesia Famous


Indonesian Famous People (Actress) - Manohara Odelia Pinot is a young model was born in Jakarta, February 28, 1992. Born of a patrician mother Bugis, Daisy Fajarina and French father, Reiner Pinot Noack, I wonder if Manohara, nick name, inherited his face and beautiful body shape.
His name began to soar when entered into the list of 100 Enchantment of Indonesia by the magazine Harper's Bazaar. At the young age he already has a noble goal, namely to have a charity, to help others less fortunate.
Unfortunately the life of a model who likes to learn the language and art is not as previously envisaged. Manohara be married young to a prince of Malaysia, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry at age 16.
This stems from a meeting with Tengku Fakhry Manohara in December 2006. They were brought in dinner. From there, the prince fell in love. Despite the age difference adrift, but eventually the two beings are dating with the consent from Manohara's mother, Daisy.
Not long after that, Tengku Fakhry declared his intention to marry ex-lover Bakri Ardie this. On August 17, 2008, Manohara and their families went to Malaysia at the invitation of Tengku Fakhry family.
Although impressed too fast and could not agree, but eventually the couple were married on August 26, 2008. It turned out that this marriage is not as beautiful as the shadow of the Mother, Daisy. Manohara was not happy and fled to Jakarta via Singapore in late 2008.Knowing his wife fled, Tengku Fakhri trying to persuade his wife to return home. Unmitigated, the prince rewarded Manohara with a car in Manohara birthday on February 25, 2009.
Not only to persuade his wife, Tengku Fakhry Manohara family tried to take heart, too. The prince took Manohara and their families for Umrah at the end of February 2009. This is where started to occur the events that make his mother crazy.
At home, the family left Manohara granted, is Manohara and the husband has been raised to the plane.
Upon returning to their homeland, in mid-March 2009, Daisy reported this incident to the King of Kelantan, Malaysia but there is no response to date. Daisy even get a ban in Malaysia.

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Rianti Cartwright

Indonesia Famous

Rianti Cartwright

Indonesian Famous People (Actress) - Rianti Rhiannon Cartwright (Rianti Cartwright). She is a model and actress. Rianti Cartwright was born in Bandung, 22 September 1983. The beautiful girl is born from the bloody British father and mother Sunda-Java is known publicly as a VJ MTV Indonesia. As a VJ, Rianti has its own characteristics with a fun style, fresh, speak frankly, and can be themselves.  

Rianti Cartwright is working as be a VJ since 2005 to the beginning for Rianti enter the world of entertainment. Step in the entertainment world more stable when he starred in the film helped'M I'M IN LOVE, JOMBLO, PESAN DARI SURGA, and D’BIJIS, who starred in the film along with Tora Sudiro and Indra Birowo. Initially, the girls who like traveling backpacker style is no ambitions to become a movie star, but the student International Education Programme Department of International Business and Marketing University of Tasmania, Jakarta, is claimed to really enjoy and love what they do. Not just a movie, pretty face youngest of two siblings was also seen as a model video clip Ungu, Ello, and Letto

Despite a face Indo and cas-cis-cus in English, is very fond fathers Bandung Indonesian cuisine, especially Karedok, her favorite food. Since childhood, the owner's full name Rianti Rhiannon Cartwright  is accustomed to working to add their own pocket money. At the start of the world model at the age of 16 years and had become a magazine editor language Maxx-M in Bandung, make Rianti accustomed to working hard. In 2007 this beloved son Eros Djarot, Banyu Biru, was busy filming his latest movie titled AYAT-AYAT CINTA, a film best-selling novel by Habiburahman El Shirazy.

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Ratna Galih

Indonesia Famous

Ratna Galih


Indonesian Famous People (Actress) - Ratna Galih

Ratna Galih who has born in Jakarta, March 17, 1988 is Indonesian female actor (actress). Ratna Galih began his career in the entertainment world as a model for commercials and then got some support roles in various soap operas. His name began to be known publicly after a relationship with Raffi Ahmad. Although their relationship did not last long. The name Galih began skyrocketed after starring in a sitcom Coffe Bean Show. In 2008, Ratna Galih played in the movie Ghost Ambulance. Previously, Galih played in the film starring Bunga Citra Lestari, First Love (2006).

Rachael Galih or used to be called by the name Ratna Galih was a star acting newcomer Indonesia. His name began to be discussed during warm sineas dating Raffi Ahmad. Unfortunately their relationship did not last long. They are apart.

Now, players COFFE BEAN SHOW sitcom was so surprised because pursuing journalists get together with the second son of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono.

Women born in Jakarta, March 17, 1988 is now listed as a student majoring in international relations of a private university in Jakarta. But because of busy life, Ratna Galih should drop out because they can not complete the thesis 

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shireen Sungkar

Indonesia Famous

Shireen Sungkar

Indonesian Famous People (Actress) - Shireen Sungkar was born on January 28 1992 in Jakarta. Shireen Sungkar was a Indonesian acting star, that was famous with his role as Fitri in the Fitri LOVE (Cinta Fitri) film together with another young Indonesian acting star (Teuku Wisnu and  the other like Donita and Adly Fairuz).

Shireen that was the second child from three related the artist’s couple Mark Sungkar and Fenny Bauty had starred in the film BUKAN DIRIKU with Baim Wong, was followed the WULAN film that was starred in by him with Dhini Aminarti.
However the Jakarta birth woman, January 28 1992 that just considered to bounce fast after starring in the CINTA FITRI. Selain LOVE also popularised his couple’s star of Tengku Wisnu, as Farrel.

Excited about the issue and ariel peterpan porn video luna maya was also affected to Shireen Sungkar. Many people say that the current video circulating on the internet similar to Shireen (from twitter), this rumor is actually the problem or it has already been discussed in the year 2009. That is excited by community with videos similar to Shireen Sungkar, in the video seen women who have bangs similar to Shireen.

Hearing this news, Shireen directly contradict him, the video is titled ShireenSungkar.3gp. Not yet known who have given such a name in the video that has been in the upload file-sharing on sites like ziddu or 4shared.com.

With this news now adds a long list of people who want to find a download link Shireen Sungkar video nasty on the internet, but the video is not like that thought.

Finally the ex. of Adly Fairuz girlfriend starred in the DOO BEE DOO film with his role as Sherina Victoria.

Tamara Bleszynski

Indonesia Famous

Tamara Bleszynski

Indonesian Famous People (Actress, Model) - Tamara Natalia Christina Mayawati Bleszyński or Tamara Bleszynski (actress, model) was born in Jakarta, December 25, 1974 and her parents is Zbigniew Bleszynski and Farida Gasik. Tamara Bleszynski is one of Indonesian Artist who often appeared in the soap opera. She has parted with her former husband Tengku Rafly Pasha (divorced), a businessman from Aceh, and has a child named Tengku Rasya Islamy Pasha (Rasya).

After officially a widow, this beautiful woman who had carried most favorite artist is Panasonic Award 2005, should continue the feud with her former husband custody related Rasya.

Although the conflict with her ex-husband has not finished, Tamara Bleszynski exposed to bad rumors, about his relationship with a man from Malaysia initials D. This rumor comes when he played in the film, production of Malaysia, Cicakman 2, the end of 2007. Tamara is also rumored to have a relationship with an international model, Mike Lewis. Rumors also said that she was pregnant, but Tamara did not care about the gossip. Tamara and Mike Lewis reportedly married secretly in Bali on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 at Villa Bayu Sabbha, Bali.

Soap Opera (Sinetron)
• "Perjalanan" (1999). Tripar Multivion Plus
• "Asmara" (1998). Tripar Multivision Plus
• "Anakku Terlahir Kembali 1" (1996). Tripar Multivision Plus
• "Anakku Terlahir Kembali 2" (1997). Tripar Multivision Plus
• "Shangrilla" (1996). Tripar Multivision Plus
• "Do'a Membawa Berkah 1" (2001). Tripar Multivision Plus
• "Do'a Membawa Berkah 2" (2002). Tripar Multivision Plus
• "Wah Cantiknya!!!" (2001). Tripar Multivision Plus
• "Opera SMU" (2002). PT. Diwangkara Citra Swara Film
• "Ikhlas" (2003). MD Entertainment
• "Putri Cantik" (2004). MD Entertainment
• "Iman" (2005). MD Entertainment
• "Hikmah 1" (2004). MD Entertainment
• "Hikmah 2" (2005). MD Entertainment
• "Hikmah 3" (2006). MD Entertainment
• "Goal" (2005). MD Entertainment
• "Cinta Itu Nggak Buta" (2007). PT. Diwangkara Citra Swara Film

• "Di balik Jendela Astrid: (2002). PT. Prima Entertainment
• "Iman episode Mayat Penjudi Sulit Dikebumikan" (2005). MD Entertainment
• "Semua Karena Bu Sonya" (2008). Surya Citra Pictures - PT. Diwangkara Citra Swara Film
• "Menantu Untuk Mamaku" (2009). Surya Citra Pictures - PT. Diwangkara Citra Swara Film
• "Jangan Lari Lagi Diana" (2009). Surya Citra Pictures - PT. Diwangkara Citra Swara Film
• "Cowok Maunya Apa" (2009). Surya Citra Pictures - PT. Diwangkara Citra Swara Film
• Beberapa FTV - lepas produksi Diwangkara lainnya (2008-2009)
• "Kontes Ratu Sekolah" - Opera SMU series (released on VCD)
• "Surat Kaleng" - Opera SMU series (released on VCD)
• "Guruku Cantik Sekali" - Opera SMU series (released on VCD)
• "Penculikan" - Opera SMU series (released on VCD)
• "Curahan Hati" - Opera SMU series (released on VCD)
• "Naksir Berat" - Opera SMU series (released on VCD)
• "Manis dan Cantik" - Opera SMU series (released on VCD)
• "Gara-Gara Bibir" - Opera SMU series (released on VCD)
• "Guruku Sayang, Guruku Garang" - Opera SMU series (released on VCD)
• "Nepotisme Kantin Sekolah" - Opera SMU series (released on VCD)

Theater Show & Poetry
• Julio Caesar (1997)
• Dengan Kasih Sayang (2002)
• Musang Berjanggut (2003)
• Zikir Ramadhan (2004)
• Festival Muharram (2004)
• Sembuhkan Luka RCTI - Kesaksian Pilu (2005)
• Melayukah Aku - Nyanyian Rakyat Kecil & Bosan (2007)
• Pameran Lukisan Barli
• Pembacaan Puisi Hamka
• Hari Ibu Indonesian Female All Stars (2001)
• Malam Takbiran TV7
• Air Mata Negeriku - Solidaritas Artis Peduli Aceh (2004)
• HUT-17 Pengajian Babussalam - Ada anak gadis bertanya pada ibunya (2001)
• LP Anak Tangerang - FPAPAI (2007)
• Puisi Pertina (2008)
• HUT RI 57 (2002)
• Pembacaan Puisi bersama WS. Rendra - PT. Newmont (2006)
• Indonesia Membaca Rendra - Sajak Sebatang Lisong (2009)

• Berserah Diri - OST. Doa Membawa Berkah (2001)
• Puisi "Doa Berserah" by Taufik Ismail - Album Dari Hati Untuk Aceh (2005)
• Puisi "Setelah Gempa dan Tsunami" by Guruh SP - Album Dari Hati Untuk Aceh (2005)
• OST. GOAL (2005)

Movie (Film)
• "Issue" (2004). MNC Picture
• "The Big Day" Lux Short Movie (2006). Kalyana Shira Films
• Cicakman 2 - Planet Hitam (2008). KRU Studios & Grand Briliance
• Air Terjun Pengantin (2009) DREAMSCAPE Pictures - Maxima Pictures
• Sang Penari (akan tiba)

• Lux (Lux Star) since 1992 until now
• Guess (Guess Girl)
• Samsung
• Sogo
• Kopi Luwak
• Bio Fibra
• Bank Tamara
• Vaseline
• Visine
• Nivea
• Markisa Juice Pohon Pinang
• King Halim Jewellery
• Icon of Glamorous & Elegant Woman for Arantxa Adi Designer
• Duta Baca 2005 Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia
• Duta Tinju Indonesia
• IKON Tenun Songket NTT (Tenun Ikat)

Video Clips
• Peterpan - Khayalan Tingkat Tinggi
• Dewa 19 - Aku Disini Untukmu
• Maia - Sang Juara

• Most favorite actrees for Panasonic Award 2004
• Most favorite actrees for Panasonic Award 2005
• People Choice award – The Best Protagonist Actrees 2004 (SWA Magazine)
• People Choice Award – The Best Model 2004 (SWA Magazine)
• 1st place for Majalah MODE competition in 1989
• Most Favorite Actress & Model Awardness 2005
• "Undeniable Beauty" ICON 2009 (kapanlagi.com)
• Aktris dengan Image Terbaik, Tercantik, Termodern dan Terintelektual versi majalah Marketing 2004
• Aktris dengan Payudara Terindah versi majalah Dewi
• Best Make Up Actress at Johny Andrean Awards 2007
• Nominasi Panasonic Awards 2006 sebagai Aktris ‎Terfavorit
• Nominasi Artis Ngetop di SCTV Award 2001‎
• Nominasi Aktris Ngetop SCTV Awards 2004
• Bintang Lux terlama
• Artis Tercantik & Termahal dari berbagai media
• Tamara Blezynski menjadi ikon nyata akan keanggunan dan kecantikan perempuan. "Tamara adalah perwujudan nyata dari tema koleksi saya, cantik, anggun dan menarik," (Arantxa Adi)

Nadya Hutagalung

Indonesia Famous

Nadya Hutagalung

Indonesian Famous People (Actress, Model) - Nadya Yuti Boru Hutagalung or Nadya Hutagalung was born 28 July 1974 in Sydney, Australia. She has been a model, film actress, was one of the first VJs on MTV Asia (1995), TV host, MediaWorks artiste, painter and jewellery designer. Her father, Ricky (b 1951), is Indonesian (Batak), and her mother, Dianne (b 1950), is Australian.

She married Desmond Koh at the Uma Ubud in Bali on 16 December 2006. They have a daughter named Nyla born in March 2008. She has 2 sons, Tyrone (b 1994) and Fynn (b 2003), from previous relationships, and was married twice before.
Nadya is an eco-activist, eco-centric jewellery designer and well known personality in Singapore and Asia.

She was voted one of Asia¹s Leading Trendmakers by Asiaweek magazine for her special ability to inspire and fascinate. In this same year, she was also voted Showtime Personality of the Year by Singapore¹s The New Paper, and Singapore¹s Most Gorgeous Woman by Female magazine readers. Nadya was also named as one of the top ten ³Shining Stars² on Indonesian Television by the Indonesian publication, Bintang.

Nadya is the ambassador for the World Wildlife Funds Earth Hour in Singapore and also The Ambassador for Conservation International, championing the green cause.
She launched her own sustainable jewelry line called OSEL meaning ŒClear Light¹ in Tibetan and is a practicing Buddhist.

Nadya Yuti Boru Hutagalung (born 28 July 1974 in Sydney, Australia), has been a model, film actress, was one of the first VJs on MTV Asia (1995), TV host, MediaWorks artiste, painter and most recently, a jewellery designer. Her father, Ricky (b 1951), is Indonesian (Batak), and her mother, Dianne (b 1950), is Australian. She married Desmond Koh at the Uma Ubud in Bali on 16 December 2006. She is currently expecting a girl with Desmond, (their first child, her third), and is due to give birth in March 2008. Before that she had a number of relationships, including two marriages. She has 2 sons, Tyrone (b 1994) and Fynn (b 2003), from previous relationships.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Meggy Z

Indonesia Famous

Meggy Z

Meggy Zakaria (Meggy Z). is a legend in World Music Indonesia in general and the World Music Pop particular. Meggy Z pullout on October 21, 2009 the last left a very deep world of work and Dangdut Indonesia lagu2 hits singing.

Indonesian Famous People (Dangdut Singer) - Meggy Z was born August 24, 1945 in Jakarta and dinia Died October 21, 2009 (age 64)in Depok, Indonesia. Began actively singing in 1968 - 2009. Meggy Zakaria (born in Jakarta, 24 AGUSTUS 1945 - died in Depok, West Java, 21Oktober 2009 at age 64 years) is a dangdut singer and actor. It is known publicly as a dangdut singer, otherwise known also as an actor in a soap opera and film silver screen.

Meggy Z berdangdut from 1968, but until the 1980s, his name is not known. Since 1981 it is sharpening its ability to create songs. Name Meggy Z explode after singing the title song created by Obbie Mesakh Better Pain Gigi.Meggy Z died of a heart attack.

Meggy Zakaria , singer, world famous people

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eva Arnaz

Indonesia Famous

Eva Arnaz

Indonesian Famous People (Actress) - Eva Arnaz (actress)

Eva Arnaz Yanthi or better known as Eva Arnaz (born in Bukittinggi, Indonesia, July 14, 1958, age 51 years) is an Indonesian film actress and soap opera known since the mid-1970s and 80s era. He started his career as a champion 2 None Jakarta in 1976. He has starred in more than 50 films and had starred in a soap opera production of Multivision Plus Rosanna in 1996.
Eva Arnaz married five times. First with Kiki Saelan, son of maulwi Saelan (figure football ground water), both with Barry Prima, Adi Bing Slamet third, fourth with Omar Dedi Hamdun, is one person who lost or removed during the dark days before the collapse of the government's Order New. Eva later married a man of Arab descent.
Eva Arnaz BiographyEva Arnaz born from Bukittinggi merchant family has loved fashion since childhood. It also pushed Jakarta None voted in 1976. Eva won two champions. Eva succeeded a year later was elected as the Queen of Jakarta. Achievement drive itself also became a movie star.

Eva Arnaz debut film is Duo Kribo (1978) Eduard landing party and Eva Sirait paired with Achmad Albar. Eva's name skyrocketed thanks to the diamond film at the audacity of the Virgin Kubu shirtless. That's how Eva got the nickname star sex bomb. Next Eva films largely a movie full of sex scenes or scenes of violence, such as
Serbuan Halilintar, Membakar Matahari, Lima Cewek Jagoan, Gadis Bionik, Perempuan Bergairah, Kupu-Kupu Beracun, Warok Singo Kobra, Cewek Jagoan Beraksi Kembali, Midah Perawan Buronan, Jaka Sembung, Bergola Ijo, Buah Terlarang, Terjebak Dalam Dosa, Montir-Montir Cantik, Gadis di Atas Roda, Pasukan Berani Mati, and so forth.

Unfortunately, because the figure of Eva is too sticky with sex roles and action, many forget that Eva had also starred in romantic films. Among other things, Sakura In Hugs Badminton pair with Liem Swie King and Valley of Sorrow (as a mama-san), a film which drains tears won rave reviews at the time.

Besides Eva also playing in a comedy film together Warkop until more than five titles, including six Million Dollar Man, Know Yourself Dong, Just Alright, First Patient Dong, Lost Rules, Forward Backward Taxable Taxable, Front Rear Can Can, Smart Smart Lower and Upper Stupid Can Can. In this Warkop movies, Eva is more known for her sexiness indeed be one of attractiveness Warkop films at that time.

For non-Warkop comedy he also got involved in his movie plots Acup Abbas, Love in the Flats eminent film incoming FFI that time, the film also advances and Queue Dong Goods. The film is the opinion of those who argue that excess Eva in the film only for his courage in the role of open-aperture.

As the world faded film, Eva was switched to soap opera titled Rossana (1996). Acting in this soap opera last gait role of Eva in the art world. Eva reportedly refused to play in the new soap opera on offer Raam Punjabi, because with Omar Dedi Hamdun (fourth husband) went to Australia to pursue obtaining a child through IVF system. Be advised of the three previous marriages, first with Saelan Fund, the son of Kiky Saelan (figure football ground water), both with Barry Prima, and the third with Adi Bing Slamet, not blessed with a single child. Unfortunately these efforts have not been successful because the disappearance Hamdun, since the date of May 29, 1998, shortly after the election.

Eva is now named Siti Syarifah wear a headscarf in the year 2000. He admitted that he embarrassed by his past. Now he wants to live with a beautiful, calm and happy and good in the eyes of God.
Now that Eva has married again for the fifth time with the Arab-blooded male and has a son in the year 2007, Samir Amin

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