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Sunday, August 15, 2010

BOB SADINO : "The Crazy Man"

Indonesia Famous

Bob Sadino (Om/Uncle Bob)

Bob Sadino often regarded as an entrepreneur icons in Indonesia. Success will be a pioneer in the field of agribusiness and agro-industries in the flag so Kemchiks Group imprint. Her social expanse of various circles and their ability to communicate was no doubt about it. But, that is not less interesting is the style of Bob in a dress, think, say, act, and act. This public comment; quirky, unique, stylish, classy, provocative, controversial, bold, very independent, the real entrepreneurs, even phenomenal. However, a sentence that might best represent all these views, as Bob himself said, "They say I'm crazy!"
Bob Sadino also wanted to share their knowledge. "I do not want to die with whatever, so my knowledge should also be abandoned."

They Say I'm Crazy! This book is not biography, but a provocative book and whip-lash to the intelligentsia mainly undergraduate degree-bold paradigm shift, that theory without practice is nonsense, or nothing. That, the movement is triggered the rise of entrepreneurship Indonesia. This book also reveals the original concepts about the world of entrepreneurship Bob, Wheels Sadino boss, Bob Sadino Circle, education revolution, the back-back entrepreneurs, the business of art, and a discussion of the ideal of national leadership in the eyes of a true entrepreneur.

And book launching was held at the Scholastic Matraman, on Sunday, January 25, 2009 at 14:00 pm until finished. The participants who attended the event seemed very enthusiastic, though many do not get a seat and had to stand. Do not need a lengthy explanation from the speaker, discussion or questions and answers with participants immediately opened. Om Bob (as usual Bob Sadino addressed) answered every question with enthusiasm. Even suggestions he typical. When one questioner was a student in mind, Om Bob suggested that just dropped out. Entrepreneur is not something that can be learned on the bench of education, can only be studied directly in the field of work. Realities that uncomfortable can also make an entrepreneur more resilient in the business world. "I have no tips to avoid stress", so Om Bob replied when asked tricks to avoid stress. Stress actually be faced and enjoyed. According to Om Bob again, success is a small dot on gungung failure. So, if you want to succeed, it must fail first! In addition, Om Bob also taught to share. Provide opportunities to others. "Better to have many small businesses than there is only one person had a big business."

If you still want to proceed, in fact there are still many unanswered questions. However, that afternoon book review should be closed. The participants who had bought the book Bob Om can also request signatures and he took a picture together.


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