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Monday, August 23, 2010

Bob Tutupoly

Indonesia Famous

Bob Tutupoly

Willem Tutupoly Bobby  or Bob Tutupoly (born in Surabaya, East Java, November 13, 1939) is an Indonesian singer. He began recording in Jakarta in 1965 with Pattie Brothers. Subsequently, he became known with the songs "Not Reinforced Tongue," "No Excuse For you", "High Mountain Millennial Promise", and others.
But he was more interested in singing. Eventually he joined Bill Saragih in the band The Jazz Riders in 1960.
In 1969 he went to the United States and in charge of a restaurant owned by Pertamina in the city of New York. After returning to Indonesia in 1977, he produced the song "Thistle" which became famous. He also guides the quiz show on TVRI.
Bob Tutupoly is the second child of five children, spouse Elisabeth Wilhemmina Tutupolydan Adolf Laurens-Sahusilawane Henket. He was born in William Booth Hospital, Jalan Diponegoro, Surabaya on November 13, 1939. Bob has a brother named Christian Jacobus Tutupoly and three brothers named Alexander Bartjes Tutupoly Hendrika Laurensia Tutupoly and Adolf Tutupoly Jr. (died in 1947, when the struggle to maintain independence in Yogyakarta). His father had served in the Navy since the days of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia and continues to defend the Army when Indonesia proclaimed kemerdekaanya.Bob and his family had moved to Yogyakarta, which at that time became the capital of Indonesia, before finally returning to Surabaya in 1953 and entered primary school at the elementary school bench Pasar Turi. Since childhood, Bob and four brothers are educated with military discipline by the father. Bob's artistic talent was inherited from both parents, his father was a flute player and his mother is a singer in church. Bob Tutupoly melanjutnya in junior secondary Embong Wungu Christian, Catholic high school in Surabaya and the St. Louis, Surabaya. He had his education at the University of Surabaya Economics (FE origin Airlangga University) and Faculty of Economics, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, but both stopped in the middle of the road. Album
Bob penchant Tutupoly would have showed the world singing since childhood and he began to sing to get extra pocket money in her teens. We sat on the bench in high school, Bob invited to join the Quartet Jazz at RRI Surabaya by Didi Pattirane. Didi Patirane Together, Bob also record the songs the Moluccas, like Mande-Mande, Sulie, and Donci Bagici. Recordings were facilitated by state-owned recording company, Lokananta. In those days, Bob was also asked to join Chen Brohers (Bubi Chen, Nico, Jopie Chen, and Frans) to fill the upper class dance. Bob Tutupoly been incorporated within the RIA Bhinneka Band together with Bubi Chen, Loudy Items, Award Seweileh, Marius Diaz, Hasan Alamudin, and Yusmin. The band managed to win the festival bands in Surabaya and a band festival in Jakarta Java. Ria Bhinneka band had played with Trio Los Pancos and record songs bemo Oto, Cpl Jono, etc.. together with Jack Lesmana in 1960. While attending college in Bandung, Bob joined the group led Yongki Cresendo Nusantara, which performed at the hotel, like Hotel Homman and Earth Sangkuriang and several night clubs in Bandung. In 1963, the band The riders asked him to replace their current vocalist, Bill Saragih, who worked in Thailand. With The Riders, Bob can perform at the Super Club Nirvana, the Hotel Indonesia as much as 15 times a month. Bob not only frequently appear at the Hotel Indonesia, but also in TVRI and other places who invited him. Tanamal lightly, Panca Tone Band leader, invited Bob to record Christmas songs with the brothers in Remaco Pattie. Subsequently, Bob was starting to record various songs such as Mount Thousand Promises, Not Maybe forgot, No Excuse For you, and Batu Nisan. He does not just appear inside the country but also in Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. In 1966-1969, he earned the title as the Armed Forces Press Beloved singers. In addition, he was also awarded the golden records (gold disc) due to the sale of black discs sold in the market. In 1969, Bob moved to the United States Tutupoly top Venturas bid from group (a group containing the people of Indonesia and is headquartered in Los Angeles), who promised to find a producer and doing a recording in the country. Unfortunately both of these did not materialize and Bob even worked part time at Yamaha's Buena Park and join The Midnighters to sing in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Bob was finally moved to Las Vegas to sing in nightclubs and casinos that were there. There, she has recorded several songs such as Hello and Bye-Bye LA Birmingham that are not circulated. In this city also, he met with Haryono, Director of Pelita (a subsidiary of Pertamina), which gives him the opportunity to become a public relations and singer in Restaurant Ramayana. The restaurant was an Indonesian restaurant that didirika by Pertamina in New York and serves as the Indonesian tourism promotion agencies [5]. Bob also served as leader until the end of the restaurant know in 1976, he returned to Indonesia and the track record of creation Slamet Aryadi Thistle. In 1978, Bob and Grace Simon was chosen to be the exchange of artists representative of Indonesia in ASEAN. He also became the first winner in the Popular Song Festival in 1980 and represent Indonesia in the International Festival in slavery Hall, Japan. Several albums have been recorded by Bob is

* The Best Song Of Bob Tutupoly Thistle
* Album Nostalgia 2
* Album Cinta Nostalgia 2
* Indonesian Pop Song Memories Vol 6 "Longing"
Since young, Bob Tutupoly have known through various events such as quiz dipandunya Enchantment of 13 (over 1.5 years), alternating (for 2 years), and Variety charm (as long as five years). Indonesian celebrities who have been guests at events Sueb Bob Benjamin, Chintami Atmanagara, Henny Purwonegoro, Meriam Bellina, Iis Sugianto, Neno Warisman, and others. At his age that are no longer young, Bob had hosted Tembang Memories in Indosiar for several years. Filmography
Besides working in the field of singing, Bob Tutupoly also never played in a number of Indonesian films. Some movie ever starring Bob Tutupoly is Innamorati Della GLI Daw (the Tailor Daw Love) (1958), Curious (1977), and side Eye (2008). GLI Innamorati Della Daw is a film that worked by the Italians and in this film, acting together Indriati Bob Isaac and The Baby Dolls (Baby Huwae, Gaby Mambo, and Lintje Tambayong or better known as Rima Melati). Other Activities
In addition to the active singing, Bob Tutupoly also often a cultural ambassador in charge of bringing the arts of Indonesia in the Asian and even international stage. Bob also had to bring the arts troupe Maluku "Student Five" go the stage to several cities in the Netherlands in 1985 and 1988. He often exercise by playing golf, volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Bob Tutupoly also been named business establishment Main Page Thistle and Thistle Promotion, and also has a partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Transmigration and the Ministry of Forestry. A Tutupoly Bob also served as General Chairman of the Social Organization of Large Families Children's Religious Affairs. Together with the Bubi Chen, lightly Tanamal, Bob Tutupoli, John Reny Rehatta, Chris Manusama and Zeth Lekatompessy, Bob never won award. Tutupoly Family
While serving as public relations at the Hospitality Ramayana (NY), Bob met an Indonesian dancer named Rosmayasuti Nasution (Yosie) which was performed at the venue. Bob Tutupoly apply for his wife in 1972. His wife is a None Jakarta 1972. On April 15, 1977, Bob and Yosie officially became husband and wife in the face of civil officers. Wedding was attended by Adnan quoted as a witness to the family and Leo Lopusila Yosie as the witness for Bob. Previously they had to undergo trial for nine months due to differences in their faith. Their only daughter was born in Jakarta on January 29, 1978 and named Sasha Karina Tutupoly.

Bob Tutupoly, Singer, Indonesian Famous

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