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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Purdi E Chandra

Indonesia Famous

Purdi E Chandra

Purdi E Chandra (entrepreneur) was born in Lampung, 9 September 1959. An "unofficial" Purdi already started doing business since he was in junior high school in Lampung, namely when he was raising chickens and ducks, and then sell their eggs on the market.

Business "officially" itself started on March 10, 1982, when he and his friends founded the Institute of Guidance Test Primagama (later to become the guidance of learning). When establishing the business Purdi still registered as students in four faculties of two universities in Yogyakarta.

But because he felt "not getting anything" he dared to leave the world of education to enter the business world. By "falling awake" Purdi run Primagama. From the beginning only one outlet with only two pupils, Primagama gradually evolved. Now students Primagama has become more than 100 thousand people per year, with hundreds of outlets in hundreds of cities in Indonesia. Because of these developments Primagama ahirnya confirmed as Indonesia's Largest Tutoring by MURI (Indonesian Record Museum).

Motor Lego, Stop Lecture
It is no coincidence that successful entrepreneurs are identical with their desperation to quit school or college. A successful entrepreneur is not determined a degree at all. This is what is believed to Purdi when a new building business.

Lectures in four different majors, Psychology, Electrical, English Literature and Pharmacy at the University of Gajah Mada (UGM) and prove the brilliance of Yogya IKIP Purdi brain. Only he was not getting anything with the thought pattern of boring lectures. He believes, failed to gain a degree does not mean that failed to gain the ideal. Purdi young aspiring and even this desperate idealism left college and began seriously to do business.
Since then the man born Punggur, Central Lampung was started sharpening his business intuition. He saw the high enthusiasm for high school students who wish to enter public universities that have a name, such as the GMU.

What if they helped to solve the problems of college entrance exams, he thought at that time. Purdi then got the idea to set up tutoring that is named, Primagama. "I started the business since 1982. Maybe because it was not finished college that motivates me to be an entrepreneur, "Purdi story. Then, dump the bike with a capital worth 300 thousand rupiah, he founded the lessons Primagama by renting a small place and partitioned into two. Pupils only two people. That, too, neighbor. Les only cost 50 thousand to two months. If there was no les then the money can be refunded.

Every effort is made Purdi to build its business. Two out after that Primagama name began to be known. Pupil increase. Following its success, many of which mimic Primagama name. Purdi also innovate to improve the quality of this educational institution.

"Actually that makes Primagama forward it after a self-insurance program," he revealed about the secrets of success to develop lessons Primagama. "If you go Primagama must be accepted at State University. Otherwise money back. Well, so that students accepted that we host so clever teacher. Because the ngebimbing clever, yes 90% could pass the college entrance exam the country, "he continued.

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